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There are many great shaving companies out there.  Over the years I've done the research. Again they're all great companies.  That being the case, I ask myself as a new business owner entering the shaving industry, "Why would anyone come to me?"  Simply put, I'm committed to offering exciting, high quality shaving products that my competition does not. When was the last time you smiled while shaving?  Here at Credit Card Shavers.com we are changing the way the world thinks about shaving, one hair at a time.  Thank You      


                                                                  Xavier Clemons


You won't forget your Credit Card Shaver

Your Credit Card Shaver fits easily and conveniently in your wallet, cell phone cover or ladies, your little tiny makeup kit. Its also TSA compliant and Airport friendly so no need to worry when traveling.

Clean Shave

Who is the Credit Card Shaver for

The Credit Card Shavers are for anyone who wants to remove hair from any part of the face or body. Let me be frank, nothing beats the age old disposable razor. We still recommend it. We like to think of ours as an emergency backup, say for example in the event you are traveling and forget yours or your luggage is lost. Hey what about that unexpected business meeting at the office. Just think of it as that spare tire on your vehicle except tucked away in your wallet or cell phone cover. You don't want to be without one.

Patent Protected

Our Credit Card Shavers are Patented by The United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Within 15 days of receiving your Credit Card Shaver you may return it for a full refund or exchange. To be eligible Credit Card Shaver must be undamaged in it's original packaging with all blades. We will notify you by email once its received. We will process your request within 2-3 business days.

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